What is Rabbit Hole Buffet?

Rabbit Hole Buffet is a collection of rabbit holes: tangents, special interests, recommendations and reflections… presented to you buffet style, once a month, by CXM Productions (that’s me!); this newsletter accompanies monthly productions of Material Feels, a podcast that explores the intimate relationship between creative people and the materials they fall in love with.


Auntie, artist and audio storyteller CXM compiles all their favorite things, current obsessions and creative adventures into a monthly buffet… which may include podcast recommendations, sad poetry, silly songs, reviews of entertainment, journal entries about what it’s like to be a freelancer, rants, fun facts, art projects and audio adventures.

**My special interests include art materials, mental health, relationships, neuroscience, art therapy, animals, body switch movies, musicals, vanlife, the podcasting industry, mundane moments of joy and despair, and my “niblings” (a fun non-binary term I made up for my nieces & nephews).**